Thursday, September 1, 2011

What Fun!

We've camped, danced, made lovely messes and rocked out. Our summer has been a whirlwind of fun and laughter. We have a blast watching our beautiful children take care of each other, love and laughed with each other and just simply be together.

Our Brynnlee is climbing, walking and jabbering up a storm. She thinks she should be able to do anything that her brother and sister can do. The scary picture is of Brynn after she enjoyed a cool, refreshing green popsicle.

Brynn loved camping with mom and dad and especially loved the cot. It was like her owe personal mini trampoline.

Parker and Kora love to "Rock Out" playing Guitar Hero. They look a lot cuter than they play.

Kora Rae just had her first dance recital and I may be a a bit bias but she was the Star! Kora stayed on her spot, followed her teacher and just danced her heart out.

This is Kora with her dance teacher Anna.


Bryan Jenny Macady Chase said...

from macady i like your dance kora AND CUTE BOINLY AND COOL GUITAR PARKER AND KORA.

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